P.S. 153 Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

The curriculum in all academic subjects as P.S. 153 is geared towards instruction that is differentiated.  Cooperative learning partner pairing, small group setting, as well as one to one instruction is utilized based upon the needs of our diversified population.



P.S. 153 is proud of its affiliation with Columbia University Teachers College.  Both reading and writing encompass a sophisticated, yet child friendly curriculum where the children themselves are very much a part of the instruction.  Higher order thinking is encouraged and students enthusiastically respond both in verbal and written form.  While the teacher may model reading and writing skills and strategies, the aim is NOT to have a teacher led classroom, but a student directed one.  Assessments are given throughout the year to gauge progress in order to target individual needs.


Fundations: Letter recognition and their sounds provide the basis for the necessary skills for mastery of reading and writing.


GoMath is used at P.S. 153 and throughout most of New York City.  It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and provides a solid foundation for many basic mathematical concepts. Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Comparing Numbers, Geometry, Measurement and Classification and Sorting Data are among the topics covered.  This use of manipulatives give a hands on element that captures the interest of the students in a play-like setting.  Tests are given at the end of each unit to assess individual mastery of skills.


Focus is on Life Cycles, Seasons, Animals, and the World Around Us.

Social Studies

Focus is on School, Community, Self and Others, Families, and Neighborhood.

Cluster Programs

Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Dance, Library, and Computer are enjoyed on a weekly basis


Weekly enrichment clusters give the children an opportunity to experience many diversified creative activities.

Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter 

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