P.S. 153 First Grade Curriculum Overview

At P.S. 153 our goal is for each and every students to achieve his or her PERSONAL BEST! Our teachers provide learning experiences which meld all subject areas with opportunities to engage every child in accordance with his or her ability to succeed. 


Our first grade curriculum is directly aligned to where our Kindergarten leaves off.  In an effort to provide a seamless transition, Columbia University Teachers College provides the basis for our Reading and Writing Workshops.  Our students are assessed in September in order to determine their "entry point" levels in Reading and Writing.  The units of study span a wide variety of genres in order to familiarize and prepare students as they go on from this grade to the next.  The students will complete summative assessments in each unit in order to differentiate and address individual needs.  Group work, partner pairing, and one to one direction is practiced and rotated in order to acclimate each child to different learning modalities.


 Our Fundations program focuses on letter recognition and sounds and their application for mastery in Reading and Writing.


The GoMath program is being used throughout New York City and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  It provides a foundation for many mathematical concepts such as Addition and Subtraction, Number and Operation in Base 10, Geometry, Measurement and Data Representation.  Chapter tests are given at the end of each unit in order to assess the progress of each individual student.

 Social Studies

The units focus on Families Now and Long Ago and Why Communities are Important.


The units of study focus upon Animal Diversity, Properties of Matter and Weather and Seasons. 


Cluster classes include Dance, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, Computer and Library.


Weekly enrichment clusters give the students opportunities to visit different classrooms once a week in order to enjoy and participate in a variety of creative arts.

First Grade Newsletters

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