PS 153 follows the balanced literacy approach, which is the workshop model of "I do, We do, You do".  We collaborate with Teachers College Reading and Writing Project of Columbia University to plan units of study to meet the needs of the diverse student population.       


P.S. 153 follows the workshop model for Mathematics instruction.  The GO Math! curriculum is used for grades K-5. Students participate in hands on learning through the use of manipulatives and real world applications. 



P.S. 153 students in Pre-k - 5 receive science instruction weekly. A full time science lab for grades 3-5 is available where they engage in hands-on learning and are provided with opportunities for exploration.






P.S. 153 has a Visual Arts program that inspires creativity everyday. Students attend Visual Arts on a weekly basis. During their time in Art, they get to interact with exciting and fun materials, learn about Art History, and experience various art processes. 



P.S. 153 has a technology lab for students in grades K-5.  We house 32 I-Mac computers for the children to interact with and learn technology skills.  We also have IPads throughout the school building. The teachers and students can  use the IPads to  enhance their curriculum.


P.S. 153's Common Core Drama program gives the children in  Kindergarten to 5th grade ,the opportunity to express themselves through role play improv  and other engaging drama elements.  All grades have an opportunity to show-off their talents at their Common Core performances.



The Dance Program at P.S. 153 is aligned with the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance. Throughout the year, students will gain an appreciation of dance as an art form and as artistic expression. Students will study various styles of dance such as Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Latin, as well as various cultural dance forms. Students will have multiple opportunities to learn and perform choreography and create original choreography.     



P.S. 153 has a full time librarian that services students in grades K-5. Classes go to the library on a weekly basis to take out books and learn to love the art of reading.