We use HMH into reading for reading and writing instruction.  Into reading is research back curriculum that provides explicit, systematic instruction across all strands of literacy—reading, vocabulary, English language development, foundational skills, and writing.  

We also use fundations (Wilson) in K-2 for phonics development (sound and letter relationship development).

For phonological development we use Heggerty.  Phonological is the awareness is the to recognize and work with sounds in spoken language.


 For Mathematics we use Envisions math which helps students develop an understanding of math concepts through problem-based instruction, small-group interaction, and visual learning with a focus on reasoning and modeling.


P.S. 153 students in K - 5 receive Science instruction weekly. Students engage in hands-on learning and are provided with opportunities for exploration. We are using the Amplify Science Curriculum.






Physical Education

My goal as a physical education teacher is to motivate and teach all my students the value of being physically active. This includes living a healthy lifestyle as well as showing them how fun physical activity can be. I want to expose as many students as possible to different sports in hopes that they will continue to be physically active outside of school and their everyday lives. Physical education is crucial for our students to learn to work together with their peers as a team. This is will improve the students social skills as well as their social emotional health, which are crucial as they get older. 



 This year we are implementing a STEM program at PS153. Students will be building and creating different things in the Computer lab. P.S. 153 has a Computer lab for students in grades K-5.  We house 32 I-Mac computers for the children to interact with and learn technology skills.  We also have IPads and Chromebooks  in the school building. The teachers and students can  use the I-Pads and Chromebooks to  enhance their learning experience . The students explore many different websites, as well as keeping up with the changes in Technology. We use the I-Ready program to access their Reading and Math skills. These assessments are done  four times a year.



Visual Arts

My name is Mrs. Martin and I will be teaching Visual Arts this year.  I will be using different mediums to teach the elements of art.  I will also be creating projects based on the seasons and some holidays along the way.  
The children are excited when they see me come to their rooms.  


Welcome back! My name is Mrs. Katsanos-Ovagimyan and I will be your child's dance teacher. The goal of the Dance Program at P.S. 153 is to develop their knowledge and skills of different dance styles, while making connections to other arts and subjects, as well as to their community. Students will be exposed to different genres of dance throughout their time here at P.S. 153, including creative movement, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop and cultural dances. Students will develop their dance literacy skills, while also participating in dance making/choreography and performance opportunities. P.S. 153 is working with Notes in Motion Outreach Dance Theater, where a dance residency comes in to  teach students.  There will be a performance at the end of March.  We will have a multicultural dance Festival at the end of the school year organized by Mrs. Katsanos. 


The Library  Program at PS153's  goal is to encourage and support students to become life long readers as well as to educate and familiarize students in the functions of a Library.

Together we read as assortment of diverse books spreading across all genres. The students also learn how a library is organized using the Dewey Decimal system and how to use

Destiny the library management system. This knowledge provides them with the skills they can use throughout life in any library.

Music Program

  In the 2023 - 2024, school year students will be using instruments (the ukulele, recorder, guitar, bells and drums) and learning how to music.  The children will learn to sing and perform multi-cultural songs and different styles of Music.  During the year, we will be doing performances of some of the songs that we have learned throughout the year.